Bird is the Worm on IF Trio’s Imaginary Folklorers: The If Trio does not provide a map.  You are expected to follow along, with little advance notice given on a song’s destination or the path it will take to get there.  The ingredients of chamber music and jazz come through clearly onImaginary Folklores, but it’s the mix of folk musics represented primarily by the French, Finnish, and Argentinean origins of the trio members that strikes the lasting impression … An enchanting album that grows more beguiling the more one spends time listening. Read more


Jazzwrap on Yonder, Otso’s 2011 solo album: « It’s always wonderful to make new discoveries. And with music it provides even greater emotion gratification. Music is designed to connect with you on a psychology and emotional level. When the music is surprising and startling its even better. That’s how I felt when I finished listening to Finnish guitarist, Otso Lahdeoja’s solo debut, Yonder (Audio Tong). » Read more

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