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Disvoiced [Autoportrait] :: Silent Audio Installation (2016)











IN SITU: Sonic Greenhouse :: Audio-Architectural Installation (w/ Josué Moreno) (2016)



Juhlakalu :: Dance performance, Satu Tuomisto + Comp  (2016)


Electronic Chamber Music :: Ensemble (2016>)





Kilpailuttajat :: Dance performance, Satu Tuomisto + Comp  (2016)


I Will Tell You When I Am Ready :: Dance Performance, Sanna Myllylahti (2016)



Tapage Nocturne for Double Bass and Video :: Composition (2015)



R A U M :: Audiovisual Installation (2015)

Raum {m} /ʁaʊ̯m/ space, room, region, roomth [obs.] [room, space], chamber [archaic], area [region, district], territory. Imagination grows from the unknown. Unmapped territories present the possibility for something else to be imagined. At the anthropocene, with all lands conquered, every mountain climbed, every species named and indexed; – where is the horizon of our imagination? R A U M is an installation made of large imaginary maps with vibration speakers attached in them, transforming them into loudspeakers. The piece operates a zoom into sound and the abstract landscapes represented by the maps. The spectator is invited to conquer his/her own space by colonizing the maps with drawings, stickers and other personal interventions. Over the exhibition period, the maps morph from empty to inhabited, owned, colonized. 



Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.24.08 PM


Riisuttuna :: Dance performance, Satu Tuomisto + Comp & Otso Lähdeoja (2014)

Riisuttuna (Bare) is a wild hybrid of contemporary dance and contemporary music.



Full Contact for Cello & Electronics (2013)

Full Contact is a piece for cello and and an acoustically active space. Sound is driven into the structures, walls, windows and furniture of the concert space, making them vibrate and transform the into sound sources. The space acts as a sonic prolongation of the cello as well as a counterpart of a musical dialog. The music is about contact: contact with the instrument, contact with the sound. It emphasizes physicality, gesture, and maybe sweat; the corporeal dimension of music. W/ Emilie Girard-Charest, Cello.




O V A L :: Audiovisual installation, Otso Lähdeoja & Lenka Novakova  (2013)

(O V A L // Audiovisual Installation // Otso Lähdeoja & Lenka Novakova // Hexagram, Montreal 2013 // 10 large sheets of glass are hanging in a dark room. The glass sheets vibrate and emit sound, forming a spatial polyphony of sonic objects. Video footage of the spectators themselves is pro- jected on the glass sheets, creating a maze of self-portrait reflections and transparencies. The spectator is immersed into a chimerical space of sonic and visual illusions.


Between Light and Darkness :: Audiovisual installation
Lenka Novakova & Otso Lähdeoja (2013)

Historical Hospital Kuks, Czech Republic












Halu :: Contemporary dance performance , Satu Tuomisto + Comp & Otso Lähdeoja (2013)

 HALU is energetic movement, strong music, explicit emotions and lots of wanting. And perhaps some getting.




Chordophones :: Audiovisual installation (2012)

Ten different string instruments hang from the ceiling, each with its own look, feel and history. All the instruments are equipped with transducers driving sound into the soundboard and making the instrument vibrate and emit sound. The chordophones thus come to life with their own voices – a 10-channel audio stream is generated by a custom software. Visitors are invited to move freely in the space, discovering the instruments and their individual voices.


CHOIR 1 :: Installation (2012)

 Singing Sound Totems 
















OAO :: MUE Audiovisual performance (2010)

Otso Lähdeoja, Alexandre Berthier, Karl-Otto von Oertzen
performance with the augmented guitar (guitar + gesture sensors + live processing) of my own design. 

IF Trio (2011 >)

Imaginary Folklores.
Florian Guibert (flute) Mauro Sarachian (cello) and Otso Lähdeoja (guitar & compositions).

IF trio, Teaser from IF trio on Vimeo.



Shaman Corp.

Duo with Sebastian Dicenaire Words and music. Sebastian reads and I make sounds. We’re exploring the domain of a cinema without images – text and music combine to create imaginaries.